Dumpster Fire


Atlantic Steamer Fire Company has recently purchased a Philips Heartstart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator.  This is a state-of-the-art piece of medical equipment.  It replaces an older defibrillator which had reached its end of useful life.  The Philips Heartstart MRx is capable of not only monitoring a patients heart rhythm, but can be used to obtain vital signs, pulse oximetry, 12 lead ekgs & waveform capnography.  The machine is capable of being used as an AED as well as a manual defibrillator and external pacemaker.  12 lead ekgs, which can detect someone having a heart attack, can be sent directly to the hospital as well as Nassau County Medical Control using the Wireless Link option.
  For a patient that requires CPR, there is a special device that is placed on the patient's chest called QCPR.  This allows the rescuer to see the quality and depth of the compressions being performed.  By increasing the quality of CPR, the chances of survival increase.  This piece of life saving equipment is located on Rescue 555.
Laurelton Hall - The Tiffany Estate

In 1902, Louis Comfort Tiffany began construction of a large house and country estate on 580 acres of land a few miles from Oyster Bay, Long Island. On the site of the once popular resort, Hotel Laurelton, Tiffany erected an 84-room house, built conservatories and stables, and laid out 60 acres of carefully planned gardens said to cost more than the mansion itself. Called Laurelton Hall, the grand estate was the most personal and extensive project of the artist’s career.

In 1957, a devastating fire gutted the long-abandoned house. Laurelton Hall now lies in ruins, with Tiffany’s dream for the estate buried in the rubble.  The fire burned for several days.
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